Collective knowledge is the basis of your digital transformation.

We therefore strive to ensure that the knowledge is accessible and understandable for all those involved.

We achieve that by analysing and recording knowledge in models that everyone can understand. We are then assured that we understand each other perfectly.

This method means you can follow every element, you can adjust things when required, everything is under control and documentation is always up-to-date.

The importance of modelling

Every organisation has its own domain knowledge. This knowledge is essential for a good automatization project. The Dutch and English languages, for instance, are filled with ambiguous constructions whereby it’s easy to misunderstand each other. That is why we use simple formal modelling techniques that record your domain knowledge.

By implementing the right modelling methodologies, we can avoid miscommunication, ensure alignment, provide timely insight and add quality.

Your language forms the basis

Your language is not only crucially important for communicating with others in your organisation and your customers, it also affects how the development team identifies, interprets and analyses things. The way the elements are related to each other become integrated in programs, data and process designs and influence IT-related decisions.

It is therefore essential to understand your language so that analysists and customers can gain a common understanding of your domain knowledge that is applied in the architecture, data models, business processes and information systems, including the mutual correlations and business rules. Furthermore, we hereby avoid conflicting terminologies and assumptions, which can have a major effect on application development and system integration.

We use different types of modelling known for being able to describe various elements exactly.

Enterprise architecture

Enterprise architecture is about translating goals to the organisation’s setup, processes and information provision. It describes the most important choices that need to be made and in the form of principles, guidelines and models. Those models provide insight in the correlation of the information, the processes and applications. This insight is required to be able to made responsible choices about change initiatives and execute them.

We use the ArchiMate® standard, the international graphic language for modelling enterprise-architectures.


We believe that the determining factor of success for IT is having a perfect understanding of the customer.

We use the Fact-Based Modelling standard, a methodology for modelling a dictionary of a specific area in order, for instance, to develop information systems, develop or apply laws or other rule-based systems or to share information.

In this way we make a shared language, as it were, without ambiguities and thereby avoiding any miscommunication.


In order to make improvements, it must first be clear how an organisation is functioning at this moment in time. The business processes are recorded in order to design the desired situation within a company.

We apply BPMN 2.0, a modelling technique specifically developed for the purpose of modelling business processes.

It offers the possibility to gain rapid insight in weak processes, so improvements can be worked on quickly.

The real proof we understand each other…

Models are an excellent way of ensuring that knowledge is transferrable. The only real proof for us that everything has been understood correctly is having tangible working solutions.
We are therefore proud that we can generate operational software directly from modelling. This method enables us to instantly validate whether we have really understood each other.

GorillaIT is convinced that computers can execute many IT tasks automatically, better and faster than people can.

That is why we use our own low-code platform, called “Karooda”, that can perform the tasks of a development team at lightning speed.

Whether this regards the tasks of the architect, modeller, the database specialist or the programmer, Karooda takes over the tasks, freeing up our time so we can use our inventiveness where it matters most.

Without vendor lock-in!