A low-code platform that uses best practices & global standards.

GorillaIT has developed a low-code platform with which the tasks of a development team can be carried out at lightning speed. Applications are generated based on models. It is an equally intelligent and high-quality working method whereby the entire development process is automated.

Without vendor lock-in.

Karooda; GorillaIT ‘s low-code platform

GorillaIT is convinced that computers can execute many IT tasks automatically, better and faster than people can.

That is why we use our own low-code platform, Karooda. This performs a major part of the tasks of a traditional development team; quickly, reliably and faultlessly.

Whether this regards the tasks of the architect, modeller, the database specialist or the programmer, Karooda takes care of the tasks, freeing up our time so we can use our inventiveness where it matters most.

What is Karooda?

Karooda is a low-code platform with which applications can be developed, continually improved and rolled out with ease. Karooda supports all facets, from idea to daily management.

Karooda supports an Agile & DevOps-based approach:

  • Changes during the development process can be implemented quickly and directly.
  • Easily understandable models lower the threshold and increase mutual understanding & involvement.
  • The DevOps approach enables speed: no endless periods between the issue arising and delivery.
  • A working application support the exchange of knowledge between business and IT and prevent confusion and disappointment.

The five pillars of 5 Karooda:

The basis for every project is models that everyone can understand. This means every stakeholder can follow the project precisely & make adjustments where required.

By generating solutions that work instantly, you get direct feedback on the specifications and not at a much later date.

Karooda applications support exactly what the organisation needs. Furthermore, all end products are robust and reliable.

Karooda applications can be easily adapted, rolled out and managed. Not only at the start of a project, but continually during the entire lifecycle.

Karooda only uses open industry standards and best practices. Therefore, with Karooda, there is absolutely no vendor lock-in!

What can you build with Karooda:

Using Karooda, applications can be made for various branches and industries, from simple to extremely complex ones. The possibilities offered by the Karooda platform are almost endless. Consider applications that streamline processing new customers, applications enabling the automation of the flow of invoices, or applications that optimise the use of personnel.

Data entry & retrieval systems

Karooda is extremely suitable for making systems for organisations using vast amounts of data. Consider administration systems, logistic systems, complex order systems and many more.

Process support systems

Karooda offers functionalities to support complex processes. Consider approving requests, registering pension packages, to booking complete world trips.

User portals

Karooda offers functionalities for screening off data and for showing the data to the right person at the right time. Consider students who can look at their grades, travellers who can download travel documents, and golfers who want to register for a competition, for example.


Karooda offers functionalities to create services that can communicate with other systems.

Examples of Karooda applications

In the course of the years, numerous customers have made use of Karooda. The range of customers has shown that the platform can be interesting and relevant to every organisation irrespective of the branch the organisation works in.

For ABN AMRO Pensioenen we generated an entire pension database including customer portal and interface for the staff.

We have made applications for various parts of The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB, such as a ticketing system, a golf administration database including portals, and much more.

For KLM we created an exchange platform using Karooda, enabling the Dutch Customs and Tax Administration and KLM Cargo to be able to exchange important information.

For the European Space Agency we developed an exchange standard and supporting platform using Karooda whereby parties in the aerospace industry can record specifications.

Both no-code as well as low-code

Karooda offers the possibility to develop complex applications without typing in a letter code. And yet, the platform offers opportunities for programmers to add manually written code. This way, business experts and programmers can combine their expertise to develop complex applications faster and better.

No code

Karooda provides a web-based visual design studio that can be used by business analysts and domain experts. Karooda offers easily accessible editing options, such as visual form editors, flow chart tools and reporting options.

Low code

Created applications can, where required, be supplemented with hand-written code. Within the software architecture there are numerous ways in which the generated code can be enhanced with code. Furthermore, developers can use their favourite IDEs, such as Visual Studio.

Without vendor lock-in!

Karooda is a unique low-code platform. We only use standard applications, which means all our solutions are free of supplier-related technologies. You can run them anywhere.

Runs on every standard Microsoft webserver

The Karooda applications can be rolled out on every standard Microsoft based webserver, without GorillaIT- or other supplier-related technologies.

Source code is of the very highest quality

Karooda generates source code. This source code meets the same high demands we set on all our programmers. That is why the generated code, just like our manual code, is continually scanned for quality.

Only uses industry standards

The generated code uses industry standards, such a Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript. And is compatible with other technologies. We use best practices and meet code standards.

Experience our approach for yourself!

We invite you to an initial knowledge session so you can experience our approach for yourself.

We will show you how an application is created step-by-step. From the first model of your wishes, generating the software up to and including testing the application.

  • The knowledge session is free of charge.
  • We achieve the best results if we can discuss your specific case during the knowledge session.
  • Bring your own experts along, such as architects, programmers, (database) modellers and analysts, so we can handle all topics directly.

After the session, we will give you a poster containing all the created models.