Using the right experts at the right time.

Our high-performance teams always consist of a combination of experts from GorillaIT, external experts and your own experts. 

This enables us to use all the expertise to the full and we have all the requisite knowledge available.

High Performance Teams

GorillaIT works with High-Performance Teams. We work with our own low-code platform, Karooda. Because Karooda generates the standard work, our top experts can focus on the critical parts Working in this way means: timeliness, speed and reliability.

We are unique through the use of our low-code platform Karooda. Alongside fact-based modelling and the applying agile methods, Karooda is key to our working methods. This makes our customers more agile. After all, information systems have a major effect on the quality and speed of innovation. This, combined with our high-performance team, enables us to develop good software quickly.

Our own experts:


Who safeguard the principles and starting points of the organisation.


Who make every environment and situation clear and understandable.


Who lift the look-and-feel and the usability of an application to a high level.


Who enable the new applications to interact with existing applications.

Our low-code platform Karooda

That generates programs at lightning speed.

A layer of trusted partners

We know each other (for years) through working together in practice. Specialisms that are not part of GorillaIT’s core activities are always performed at high level as a core activity. Therefore: complete current knowledge and full-time involvement.

PNA offers services, products and courses for solving knowledge-intensive challenges in business practices, such as the correct application of law and legislation or enabling a problem-free launch of a product or service, whereby you are in a position to take faultless and reliable decisions.

Eraze Software Solutions has been working as a technology partner for 25 years. Over the years, it has grown into an internationally operating, full-service software design and development company. With experience in different Enterprise and SME companies, the team has the ability to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the clients’ business. Eraze has a reputation based on a deep technical knowledge of a broad range of technologies and tools.

From the campuses in Arnhem and in Nijmegen, the HAN University of Applied Sciences has provided about 35,000 students with no fewer than 82 Bachelor and Master’s degrees. The synergy between education, the professional field, research and society is thereby an important point of attention.


GorillaIT’s approach is highly suitable for a co-creative process with the customer. The customer’s staff are part of our team with almost all assignments. They have the necessary domain knowledge and assist with developing the models. We also join forces for testing and final acceptance.