Using our model-driven approach we automatically transform your knowledge into working IT solutions.

We believe that your organisation should be able to recognise itself in the IT solution and that the development should be led by the knowledge of your organisation.

GorillaIT has therefore developed an excellent approach: knowledge is automatically converted into perfectly suitable IT solutions based on modelling & model-driven software development.

Our model-driven approach

1. Modelling of your organisation

An IT solution only works well in practice if it meets expectations, promises, processes, business operations, environmental factors and the strategy.

That is why we consider it essential to conduct a thorough analysis of these elements. All our analysis is formally modelled in standard techniques. These models can then be automatically transformed into working IT solutions.

Your models are therefore not only for reference, but they are also an integral part of your IT solution.

2. Generating your software

Model-driven software development is a method whereby models are automatically converted into working solutions.

This provides a big increase in productivity, up to a factor of 10 compared to traditional software development. Furthermore, Karooda is continually modified to meet the latest best practices, because quality is our priority.

Karooda, our low-code platform, generates code in standard technologies, enabling all our customers to enjoy low-code platforms. And they are free of the disadvantages such as vendor lock-in.

3. Supplemented with software development

Karooda takes many tasks off our hands with a speed and quality unparalleled by human hand.

And yet, Karooda can’t take care of everything. In some cases, there are customer-specific issues that cannot be generated by Karooda (yet).

The generated application can therefore be enhanced through human input.

We believe in using standard techniques, which is why all our solutions are free of supplier-related technologies.

We believe in using standard techniques, which is why all our solutions are free of supplier-related technologies.

The advantages of our approach

No chasm between IT & business. Directly validatible.

We use models that everyone can understand as input for the project. This means every stakeholder can follow the project precisely and make adjustments where required.

By generating solutions that work immediately, you do not have to wait for ages to see what the end products will be. This means that users are more involved in the project.

Collective knowledge. Accessible. Understandable.

Nog te doen.
By comprehensively comparing the models and harmonising the definitions and instructions, collaboration is made a lot easier, more transparent and reliable for everyone.

Transparent process. Less risk, more quality.

The development process becomes more transparent. There is no question of a ‘black box’ whereby you only get an inkling of the end product after a long period.

By being able to deliver solutions that work instantly, it becomes immediately clear that the solution is perfectly aligned to the desired functionalities.

No vendor lock-in. Global standards. Best practices.

Karooda generates code in standard techniques, such as .Net, SQL Server, JavaScript and HTML5. All checked to ensure the best practices in encoding standards are being followed.

No dependency on supplier-related technologies during construction, rollout and execution.

Shortens time-to-market. Increases innovative strength.

The Karooda platform makes it possible to develop applications up to ten times faster than traditional software development can achieve.

Through agile and continuous delivery support in the platform, the application can be published in the cloud or on your own servers with one click.

Experience our approach for yourself!

We invite you to an initial knowledge session so you can experience our approach for yourself.

We will show you how an application is created step-by-step. From the first model of your wishes, generating the software up to and including testing the application.

  • The knowledge session is free of charge.
  • We achieve the best results if we can discuss your specific case during the knowledge session.
  • Bring your own experts along, such as architects, programmers, (database) modellers and analysts, so we can handle all topics directly.

After the session, we will give you a poster containing all the created models.